IPUMS Research Awards

These awards honor the best research using IPUMS data to advance or deepen our understanding of social and demographic processes. Cash prizes will be awarded for best published work and best graduate student work (published or unpublished) in six categories, for a total of 12 awards:

  • USA: Best paper using data from USA and/or CPS
  • International: Best paper using data from International and/or the North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP)
  • Health Surveys: Best paper using data from NHIS or MEPS
  • Spatial: Best paper using data from NHGIS and/or Terra
  • Global Health: Best paper using data from DHS and/or PMA
  • Time Use: Best paper using data from Time Use


We are pleased to announce the 12th annual IPUMS Research Awards competition. We are looking for papers that use innovative approaches, comparative analyses, and multiple IPUMS datasets. In short, we are looking for papers that use the data to its full potential.

We are also encouraging unpublished student paper submissions be posted to SocArXiv or other open repositories, as we would like all award-winning papers to be broadly available to the IPUMS community.

Deadline: Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Entry requirements for published research: Use and cite one of the eligible IPUMS datasets in a 2019 refereed publication.

Entry requirements for student research: Use and cite one of the eligible IPUMS datasets in a paper written in 2019 (see above). The lead author must have been a graduate student when the paper was written. If research is published, it should be a 2019 publication. We strongly encourage that unpublished research be submitted to SocArXiv, an open archive for the social sciences, or another open archive or paper repository.

Submission: To be considered for the award, please e-mail mpc@umn.edu with the subject line “IPUMS Research Award Submission” and include the following information:

  • Corresponding author: name, e-mail address, and institution
  • IPUMS data information:
    • The IPUMS dataset(s) used for the research
    • If IPUMS is not cited in the references, where is IPUMS mentioned in the paper (page number, please)
  • Award category: Is this paper for the published research or graduate student research award?
  • For published research award:
    • Citation and link to online version if open access
    • PDF of the paper if not open access
  • For student research (published or not published):
    • Citation and link to published research, SocArXiv or other paper repository
    • PDF of the paper if published research is not open access

Note: If sending a book, please address to:

Attn: Rachel Magennis
Minneapolis Population Center
225 19th Ave S.
50 Willey Hall
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Previous Award Winners